Explore the Watonwan River Watershed – Interactive Story Map

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – Watonwan River Watershed

Minnesota River Basin Data Center – Watonwan River Watershed

Minnesota Nutrient Planning Portal – Watonwan River Watershed

Greater Blue Earth River Basin Alliance (GBERBA) – Watonwan Watershed Overview



The summary reports below synthesize citizen perceptions of the heath of the watershed, water quality problems, and land management practices:

Watonwan River Watershed: General Watershed Overview

Watonwan River Watershed: Community Context

Watonwan River Watershed: Land Management Practices: Learning from locals about the benefits and barriers of conservation practices

The summary reports below summarize community concerns heard in interviews and focus groups and recommendations from the advisory committee:

– Watonwan River Watershed: Leverage Points for More Conservation Adoption

Watonwan River Watershed: Conservation Challenges and Solution Strategies



Water Quality

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Watonwan Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Report (2016)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network
– Access to Water Quality Data Viewer

Surface Water Assessment Grant SWAG Overview (2013-2014)

Watonwan River Watershed Phase IIB Project Implementation – Final Report 2000-2008

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Minnesota River Basin: Watonwan, Blue Earth, and Le Sueur River Watersheds


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Watonwan River Watershed Hydrology, Connectivity, and Geomorphology Assessment Report (2014)


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Watonwan Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Report (2016)

Lake Finder (For individual lakes, see lakes section)

Game and Fishing Magazine. Minnesota Mankato’s Marble Eyes (Walleye Fishing)


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Watonwan River State Water Trail

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Podcasts. Tails of Water Trails: Watonwan River

Kayak on Madelia’s Own Watonwan River
By Pat Baskfield, Sportsmen Club