Lakes and Rivers

The Watonwan River and its tributaries, public and private drainage systems, lakes and wetlands, define the drainage network of the watershed. The Watonwan River flows from the west to its confluence with the Blue Earth River, about one mile south of the Rapidan Reservoir, in Blue Earth County.

Major streams include Watonwan River, North Fork of the Watonwan River, South Fork of the Watonwan River, Perch Creek, and St. James Creek. The total distance of the stream network is 1,074 miles, of which, 685 miles are intermittent streams and 389 miles are perennial streams.  Major lakes include Mountain Lake, Wood Lake, Lake Hanska and Fish Lake.

Major Rivers and Streams

Watonwan River

South Fork of the Watonwan River

North Fork of the Watonwan River

Perch Creek

St. James Creek

Watonwan River Watershed Rivers and Streams  

Watonwan River Watershed - Total Stream Miles


There are 55 lakes totaling 7, 7117 acres of the watershed. The list below shows the largest lakes that have data collected in MN DNR’s Lake Finder and MPCA’s water quality profile. St. James lake has been extensively studied as part of the long term Sentinel Lakes Program

Sentinel Lakes Program

St. James Overview

All Lakes in the Watonwan River Watershed

Assessed Lakes Source

Lake Name MN DNR Lake Finder MPCA
Bingham Lake Profile: 17000700 Water Quality Profile: 17-0007-00
Eagle Lake Profile: 17002000 Water Quality Profile: 17-0020-00
Fish (Bullhead Bay) Lake Profile: 32001802 Water Quality Profile: 32-0018-02
Fish (Main Lake) Lake Profile: 32001803 Water Quality Profile: 32-0018-03
Fish (Northwest Bay) Lake Profile: 32001801 Water Quality Profile: 32-0018-01
Hanska Lake Profile: 08002600 Water Quality Profile: 08-0026-00
Kansas Lake Profile: 83003600 Water Quality Profile: 83-0036-00
Long Lake Profile: 83004000 Water Quality Profile: 83-0040-00
Mountain Lake Profile: 17000300 Water Quality Profile: 17-0003-00
St James Lake Profile: 83004300 Water Quality Profile: 83-0043-00