Video Stories
Explore video profiles of Watonwan River residents who are managing their lands and making stewardship choices that help to improve water quality and watershed health. There are funding opportunities like cost share, incentive and grant programs that are available. You can learn more about these opportunities by contacting your local conservation partners. Whether you live in the city or on the farm, everyone can play a role to help improve watershed health.

Getting Started with Cover Crops – JD Tippin, Watonwan River Watershed

Cover Crops – JD Tippin, Watonwan River Watershed 

CRP and Buffer Strips – JD Tippin, Watonwan River Watershed 

St. James, MN Wellhead Protection Overview – Rich Enger, Watonwan River Watershed 

Wellhead Protection on Private Lands – Dustin Anderson, Watonwan River Watershed 

CREP, Wildlife and Wellhead Protection – Rich Enger, Watonwan River Watershed

Wetland Restoration – Dave Raney, Watonwan River Watershed

CREP Prairie Restoration – Dave Raney, Watonwan River Watershed